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Wesfil Catalog

One of Australia’s leading aftermarket automotive parts distributors, Wesfil is committed to:

  • Delivering the highest level of service to their industry.
  • Providing an extensive range of latest model filters employing the latest global technologies.
  • Providing clients with after-market products that meet the needs of vehicle manufactures.
  • Providing clients with value.


    • Air Filters
    • Cabin Filters
    • Oil Filters
    • Diesel Fuel Filters
    • EFI Fuel Filters
    • Plastic Fuel Filters

Air Filters

The extensive range of Wesfil air filters are a direct result of a wealth of technical and manufacturing expertise. Air filters play a huge role in maximizing engine efficiency and fuel economy. Continual research and development in consultation with our suppliers has led to a range of features designed to optimize vehicle performance.

Features include:

      • Polyurethane sealing to withstand high temperatures and resist shrinkage and deformation
      • Expanded outer screen cages to ensure maximum support and rigidity
      • Variety of filtering media to suit a wide variety of conditions including highly variable temperature and humidity
      • Wesfil/Cooper nationwide warranty

Cabin Filters

Our extensive range of cabin/pollen filters are designed to improve the quality of air inside your vehicle by removing dust and pollen particles, thereby providing you with a cleaner, more hygienic cabin environment.

Oil Filters

Oil filters prolong engine life by trapping dirt and other particles throughout your vehicle’s service interval, ensuring only clean, filtered oil circulates around the motor.

Features include:

      • Anti drain-back valve preventing oil draining back out of the filter through the inlet holes
      • By-pass valve ensures protection of the engine against oil starvation
      • Strong internal components such as springs and element assemblies
      • Heat tolerant seals and O-rings
      • Wesfil/Cooper nationwide warranty

Fuel Filters

Wesfil fuel filters ensure efficient removal of particulate contaminants, providing clean fuel and maximum flow performance.